2023 Wellness “Challenges” Schedule

At LiveWell50, we believe adopting a healthy lifestyle can be fun and supportive, and using “Challenges” is a great way to accomplish this goal!

Free and Member-Only Challenges

In 2023, we will have a series of both “Free” and “Member Only” Challenges. The Member Only Challenges will require a membership to LiveWell50 and will be longer and much more in-depth. The Free Challenges will be hosted on our free Facebook Group (join now), and the Member-Only Challenges will be hosted on our membership site, LiveWell50 in the Forum.

Making lifestyle changes that stick involves time, dedication, support, and encouragement. That’s what we are all about!

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8-Week Fresh Start Challenge | January and February 2023 | Member Only

The beginning of the year is a great time for a health reset. The purpose of the 8-Week Fresh Start Challenge is to help give you a clear picture of your overall health and wellness. We will dive deep into your mobility, strength, and functional movements. We will talk about bone density, nutrition, and the importance of sleep. Topics covered include:


At the conclusion of the Fresh Start Challenge, you will identify your top 3 health concerns that need to be addressed first.  You can then schedule a Coaching Call to establish a plan of action!

4-Week Spring Forward Step Challenge | March 2023 | Free to Everyone

At LW50, we firmly believe that all of us should be on a daily walking program. If possible, we try to get at least a 30-minute walk a day. As per the research, your target daily step count should be >7,500 to reap the long-term health benefits.  If you don’t wear a step tracker, they are a great tool. During the month of March, we will all set a personal goal of how many steps we will get per day AND we will set a goal as a LW50 Community. We will track them in our Facebook Group and keep a running total toward our goal. It’s a great way to get back outside and get some exercise!

6-Week Posture Challenge | Improve Your Posture with Upper Back, Neck, & Shoulder Stretching | April-May 2023 | Member Only

This Member Only Challenge will dive deep into the muscles that are most involved in our Posture. We will identify areas of tightness, and learn how to stretch and “release” those muscles. At the end of the Challenge, you will have a customized stretching routine based on your specific needs.

4-Week Plank Challenge | Improve Your Core Strength | June 2023 | Free to Everyone

Core strength is critical as we age and adding a simple Plank to your program is an easy way to accomplish that. And don’t worry if you can’t do a “regular” plank as we will show you modifications so everyone can participate, regardless of their initial strength levels.

5-Week Form a New Habit Challenge | July 2023 | Members Only

Whether you are trying to exercise more, eat better, or cut back on your sugar, it’s all about forming new habits. The quality of our habits helps determine the quality of our lives. In this Challenge, learn the science behind behavior change and forming new habits.

7-Week Osteoporosis, Bone Health, and Balance Challenge | September and October 2023| Members Only

Taking care of our bones and improving our balance are 2 of the best ways to help with Osteoporosis. In this 7-Week Challenge, topics we will cover include

3-Week Gratitude Challenge | November 2023 | Free to Everyone

Gratitude is strongly associated with greater levels of happiness, improved health, and a decrease in depression and anxiety. Gratitude just helps us feel better!

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