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 After 50 health & fitness needs to look different.  Improve your sleep, diet, & posture, learn exercises to relieve joint & muscle pain, reduce stress & anxiety, establish good habits, and Age Strong with us! 

 Ed & Elizabeth Deboo, P.T's

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Exercise is Medicine

Owners of Integrative Physical Therapy, Bellingham, WA

We provide help with new and old injuries, expert advice, a supportive community, accountability, and motivation. 

The first step to Aging Strong is a consistent exercise program that includes the 5 Pillars of Fitness: Flexibility, Strength, Cardiorespiratory fitness, Balance, & Power. We share research, resources, and hard earned knowledge distilling practical application and information so that it is easy to understand and apply in your life. New healthy aging content added every month.

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self care is health care

Being in our 50's we walk the talk, just like you! With over 27 years of clinical practice, we have seen hundreds of clients with age related injuries and know how to help.  We have struggled with injuries ourselves. Fitness over 50 needs to look different. Join us as we help motivate each other, share our success stories, and enjoy life as we Age Strong together! 


is Medicine

We provide help with new and old injuries, expert advice, a supportive community, accountability, and motivation.

 The first step to Aging Strong is a consistent exercise program.

 We can get you there!

At Live Well 50, we are committed to helping make the

world a better place.  

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We know getting older can be tough...

  • Joint pain slowing you down?
  • Medication to cover up pain?
  • Not sure which exercises to do?
  • Lacking motivation to exercise?
  • High stress levels & anxiety?
  • What about Brain health?

We Care & Know How to Help!

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Monthly Topics 2021-2022

March '21 ~ Doors Open

Lifelong learning & Orienting to LW50

June '21 ~ Men's Health

Weight, Physical Activity, Nutrition, & Substance Abuse

September '21 ~ Alzheimer's

Prevention, Awareness, & Care Giving 

December '21 ~ Giving Health

Discover The Health Benefits of Giving 

April '21 ~ Move More

Get Moving, Fall Prevention, & Balance

July '21~ Sleep-Wake Cycles

Sleep Hygiene, Circadian Rhythm, Health Issues

October '21 ~ Mental Health

Awareness, Meditation, Exercise, & Support

Jan '22 ~ Finance Health

Retirement & Estate Planning, Long Term Care

May '21 ~ Meditation

Meditation Challenge & Breath for Health

August '21~ Nutrition

Research, Converting to Whole Foods & Microbiomes

November '21 ~ Diabetes

Exercise, Risk Factors, Health Tech

Feb '22 ~ Heart Health

Blood Pressure, Exercise, Weight & Stress Management

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Elizabeth’s loving energy work during the last two years has made a gigantic difference in my well-being. Thanks to her encouragement and support, I’ve also started yoga classes and meditation. What a gift she has given me with all this!



Amazing! Ed is simply an amazing physical therapist. No tricks. No gimmicks. He evaluated my posture and gave me exercises to strengthen my weak muscle groups. In essence he saved my life by giving me the tools to heal. He gave me the tools to take care of myself!


IT Consultant

Some, if not all, of my most profound experiences of healing have been in my sessions with Elizabeth Deboo. She is able to help you release and heal the burdens in your subconscious life that keep you from living fully. Thank you so much Elizabeth!




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